Technical SEO Audit with Google Webmaster Tools | Kaiserthesage

I???ll have to segment it into 4 parts:

  • High Alexa Rank (1,000,000+)
  • Decent Alexa Rank (100,000 ??? 999,999)
  • Low Alexa Rank (1 ??? 99,999)
  • No Alexa Rank (0)

And have a quick count of each column and list the amount for each type of domain (preferably on a new tab of the worksheet):

Because in that way, I can create a chart that depicts the type of domains linking to the site (you can easily create the chart by choosing the ???Insert??? tab, and then ???Column???):

The list that you have created, with the help of Webmaster Tools, can also be used in pruning the links that might be passing little to no value to your site (or could be damaging to your site???s ranking performance).

Also, if you have created your own chart, you can easily assess if the site has participated on low quality link schemes in the past ??? basing on the ratio of low quality vs. high quality domains linking to them.


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