Build more positive signals around your site

Build more positive signals around your site

There are so many ways to build positive signals to your site, especially in using other online marketing channels and Google properties, to make your site/brand look more authentic in the eyes of search engines.

Some of the most common signals that can help build trust to a site over the web are:

  • Implementation of authorship markup (rel=???author??? and rel=???publisher???) ??? this can improve the CTR of the site???s search listings, as it will display the author/publisher???s image on Google SERPs, which can in turn attract more clicks and can exemplify trust to users. Here are some helpful guides on how to implement authorship markup ??? from AJ Kohn and Joost de Vaulk.
  • Setting up a Google+ Brand Page ??? this is definitely a strong signal that you can use to prove authenticity to Google, especially if you can build a following base on this network. You can also check out Mashable and Social Media Examiner???s guide on how to create a Google+ Brand page.
  • Setting up a Google+ Local Page ??? since Google Places will be migrated as well to Google+ any time soon, it will also be a good addition to your signal building campaign, where you can set up a local page for your business. Here???s a quick step-by-step guide on how to create a Google+ Local Page by Elevate Local.
  • Building a strong follower base on Facebook and Twitter ??? search engines are evidently using social signals to distinguish quality/authority/popular content over the web, so having a strong presence on these networks is a plus. Treat your site???s content as a vehicle to fuel your online marketing efforts, because the more you put out great and shareworthy content from your site, the higher chances of getting more new followers on these social platforms.
  • Explore other types of content ??? utilize other formats of content such as videos, data visualization, slide presentations, rich images, ebooks and whitepapers, since you can cross promote these materials from your site to other social networks (where you can build more positive signals to your site) ??? like Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Flickr, Slideshare, Scribd and more.
  • Build strong authors for your brand and use authorship markup as a link building process ??? utilize your company???s employees to build a strong online brand presence for your site. Allow them to set up their own blogs or to have them share expert content on other industry blogs (guest blogs) and implement authorship markup on these content distribution campaign. The more known authors under your brand are actively sharing useful content, the more search engines and users are to trust you as an authoritative brand.    


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