Minimum functionality for Social Software in the Workplace

Minimum functionality required from products:

  • User management: The ability to create, modify or retire user accounts.

  • User profiles: Information about each user can that be accessed by other users.

  • Roles and access control: Support for multiple roles (for example, editor, facilitator, community manager, moderator) with associated access controls.

  • Configurable group, project, team or community areas: End users with the right permissions can create themed areas for a group, project, team or community.

  • Document sharing: The ability to upload, store, organize and share documents.

  • Discussion forums: Support for a persistent environment to post questions and answers or to have general discussions.

  • Blogs: End-user instant publishing functionality that displays entries in reverse chronological order and permits comments from others.

  • Wikis: Group authoring of collections of pages with support for “click to edit,” change tracking and internal linking.



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