Solaris s’ha convertit en una demo a 90 dies

In order to use the Solaris operating system for perpetual commercial use, each system running Solaris must be expressly licensed to do so. An Entitlement Document comprises such license and is delivered to you either with a new Sun system or from Sun Services as part of your service agreement. Customers who did not receive an Entitlement Document with their new Sun system or through their service agreement must register each system running Solaris with Sun. Before you install Solaris on additional systems, you must first register those systems to receive an additional Entitlement Document.

The registration process to receive an Entitlement Document is part of the Solaris download process, with the Entitlement Document being returned to you via e-mail. For this reason, YOU MUST PROVIDE A WORKING E-MAIL ADDRESS AS PART OF YOUR SUN DOWNLOAD CENTER ACCOUNT. If you fail to do so, you will not receive an Entitlement Document and will only have the right to evaluate Solaris for 90 days.

The Entitlement Document is an adjunct to the Software License Agreement (SLA) that always accompanies the Solaris Operating System software. The SLA sets forth the terms under which Sun Microsystems, Inc. allows an end user to use the Solaris software for evaluation purposes for 90 days and is a binding legal agreement between Sun and the end user. End users should be sure to review the SLA in its entirety; any legal questions should be directed to the end user???s own legal counsel. Please note that because the entitlement granted by Sun is nontransferable, end users may not give the Solaris software to any third party. The new owner is responsible for obtaining a Solaris Entitlement Document.


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