Ser un blogger ??nic [19 Starting Points for Being a Unique Blogger]

  1. Voice ??? your style of writing. Manolo the shoe blogger was the first blogger I remember reading with a really unique voice (he writes in the third person).
  2. Topic/s ??? Manolo again an example of uniqueness in this ??? his two topics when he first started were ???celebrities??? and their ???shoes???. John Chow perhaps is another example ??? who ever heard of a make money online blogger who documents his food and talks about cars?
  3. Design ??? the way your blog looks is a great way to make an impression, grab attention and stand out from the crowd.
  4. Being First ??? not easy to do but if you can be one of the first blogs in a niche it can help you stand out. ProBlogger would be my own lucky example of this ??? at the time no one else was blogging about making a living from blogs.
  5. Your Blogs Name ??? sometimes it is just the name of a blog that makes it stand out whether it be by being confronting, funny or otherwise.
  6. Being a ???Character??? ??? the Fake Steve Jobs blog comes to mind as one blog that was unique not only by the content being great but by the blogger blogging as Steve Jobs and keeping his real identity secret.
  7. Use of Media ??? some bloggers mashups of different types of media set them apart ??? clever use of video, imagery, audio and text all together in a post can have a real impact.
  8. Depth of Content ??? a number of bloggers that I follow set themselves apart by producing content that obviously has a lot of thought put into them. Instead of quick and short posts that do nothing much more than link to other sites they carefully and thoughtfully ponder a topic and produce content that is deep and thought provoking.
  9. Frequency of Posts ??? it strikes me that some of the most popular blogs product A LOT of content. Engadget and Gizmodo being two examples. This high frequency of posting makes them prolific and means that if a story is breaking in the gadget space that you???d be certain that they???re covering it. On the flip side some blogs take the opposite approach ??? their new posts become so rare that people value them highly and share them prolifically.
  10. Vaults of Resources ??? some bloggers become successful because their blogs are just filled with such rich resources. These bloggers might not have as much original thought but they are passionate about gathering information and resources from others and sharing it with their network. People read them because they save them time by researching and gathering the information that the rest of us need but don???t have time to find.
  11. Community Focus ??? some bloggers go above and beyond when it comes to their readers. They put the rest of us to shame by the way that they pay personal attention to everyone, interact with every comment and seemingly know every person who reads by name.
  12. Opinion ??? one of the easiest ways to make your blog is to share your opinion. Your opinions won???t always be unique but the combination of them and the way you express yourself will be and will often set yourself apart from other bloggers who just report news.
  13. Usefulness ??? some blogs are insanely useful. I know we???ve covered this earlier in this series but it needs to be said again ??? useful blogs build themselves a solid foundation for success.
  14. Originality ??? its amazing how some people just have an ability to explore a topic that everyone else has talked about but put a new spin on it! I sometimes feel this way about Seth Godin???s blog ??? his ability to make me have light bulb moments around simple concepts is amazing.
  15. Personality ??? I???m finding this one hard to define but some bloggers just ooze personality. Perhaps another way to describe it would be that they have Mojo or are charismatic. They are just infectious with the way that they write and interact.
  16. Personal ??? as you read some blogs you sometimes get a spooky feeling that its almost like the blogger is there in the room with you. They blog in a way where you can almost hear their voice and feel as though you???re in a conversation with them. They share on a level that goes beyond just the transference of information ??? they share of themselves.
  17. Expertise ??? some bloggers rise to the top of their fields because they are simply authoritative and have real expertise in their field. They are well read, have extensive experience and have forgotten more about their topic than most of us will ever know about it.
  18. Connectors ??? other bloggers are successful because they are so well connected in their niche. They not only know a lot of people but they have a gift in helping others to connect with those in their network.
  19. Prolific ??? some bloggers are unique because??? well they???re everywhere. These bloggers seem to have the ability to be in more than one place at a time ??? they blog, they???re active on multipole social networks, they are at conferences, they are guest posting on other blogs, they???re in forums???. they are everywhere!



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