Trucos de usabilidad para salvar tu empresa

Saving Tip Number One

All things being equal between two companies, the one that offers the better user experience will win in the marketplace. Maybe that is obvious since any positive difference for a company tips the scales in its favor. So, let me take one step forward. I would argue that a good user experience is more important than superior prices, even for companies with razor thin margins. I admit that research is needed to support this claim, but my experience indicates that good usability is the key difference between online retailers. Put another way, profits are driven more by usability than price. This might be a comparison between apples and oranges (I know that they are not the same), but usability seems more business critical. 

I would bet that users would be more likely to buy books because they were easy to purchase and had reviews readily available, than if they were 30% off versus 20% off. Saving a couple of bucks, for the majority of users, is significantly less compelling than a good review and a good overall shopping experience. 

Why will this save your company?

You are able to compete based on the user experience not price. This can catch your competitors off guard again and again. Competition based on price is very difficult and tends to drive down profits, thus making it more difficult to recover during hard times. During better times, it is difficult to raise prices back to normal. A good user experience will drive loyalty and trust in a positive direction without a price cut. This is value which can be capitalized on at virtually any time, versus price which is more of a difficult short term maneuver. 

Saving Tip Number Two

Let’s piece a few things together. We both know that managers and executives are out to decrease costs when times get rough. They need to keep spending down. What they want, in my experience, is a guarantee that spending money will improve the position of the company. If it doesn’t have a big payoff, then the money will not be spent. 

When times are good, the company can ride the wave of the industry but when times are bad, the management demands a return. Sales must go up. Profits are critical. Every penny counts. Cutting costs becomes an important part of the operations of the company.

What can usability do for you? It is obvious. Usability is an extremely effective cost cutting tool. Usability helps designers create more simple products. Simple products are cheaper to build. Simple products are easier to sell and they are also easier for customers to maintain. That should sound pretty good to you. I know that it sounds good to me.

Why will this save your company?

Because you can drive down costs. Usability will help you maximize your investments. Many people think that salvation comes from an increased number of features. That is wrong. The wise person, armed with usability, knows that a good user experience is derived from simplicity. The bottom line, literally, can be improved through simplicity.

usability = simplicity = user satisfaction = increased profits

Saving Tip Number Three

Usability testing can also decrease time to market. As I stated above, you can make your products (or your web site) more simple but more effective using usability. Simplicity is not necessarily easy to reach. It does require time and effort. But, it is far less painful than trying to add new features that people don’t even necessarily want. 

In down times, speed is even more critical than up times. This is important because it is much easier to gain ground on your competitors when things are rough. It is true. Cisco Systems knows this and that is why they are happy the markets are going sour. John Chambers, CEO of Cisco, is using the down turn as a time to break away from the competition. They are positioned to gain significant market share. 

Why will this save your company?

Usability can be used as a break away weapon. Many companies see usability as a premium overhead cost and they stay away from it when times are rough. But wise companies realize that usability is a weapon that will drive down costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase speed to market.

Saving Tip Number Four

Are you afraid that spending money will not yield returns? You have nothing to fear. Unlike investments in technology, usability is based on human psychology and user research. If you understand humans via research, then building the right product, service, or web site, is basically guaranteed. I’m not kidding. Sun Microsystems has shown how spending about $20,000 could yield a savings of $152 million dollars. Gasp!? Each and every dollar invested could return $7,500 in savings. Well, don’t take my word for it, take a look and come back with smile. Usability is not a joke. 

Why will this save your company?

Usability is about hard core profits. You want money? Do the testing. Do the research and gather the data. If you don’t have the internal resources, outsource it, especially in down times. The benefits are basically guaranteed. Unless you think you have a truly customer focused product or web site, then you will gain from usability research. This isn’t a sales call, it is a cost savings reality. Usability is not a soft science and it isn’t just an extra thing to throw on at the end of a project. It offers you a strategic cost advantage.  

Saving Tip Number Five

If you invest in usability you will be at an advantage in the market because you will be closer to your customers. If you are gathering data from your customers, you will be able to satisfy them better than your competitors. Also, you will be more aware of when times are getting better and you can catch the inflection upward. Usability gives you customer knowledge but also industry knowledge. It keeps you in a position of power. It offers you a sustainable competitive advantage if you are willing to embrace it.

Why will this save your company?

When you know more than other people and other companies, you are in a position to win. Profits are driven by the usability testing you do. It is about brainpower. Usability isn’t research in a tower, it is a front line weapon. It gives you a pipeline to the heart of the industry and that will help your company win. Catch the wave before your competition.

1. Compite con la experiencia de usuario
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3. La velocidad es clave
4. Reducir costes pensando en el usuario
5. Ser competitivo


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