The Politics of Global Warming: La policia controla les masses amb gas lacrimogen

By Tom Zeller Jr., David Broder
4:23 PM

Police officers fired tear gas and wielded batons on Wednesday to beat back hundreds of demonstrators outside the global climate meeting in Copenhagen, as a police spokesman said 250 people had been arrested.

The police tried to disperse the chanting, drum-beating protesterswho had marched from a train station about a mile away to try to maketheir way to the Bella Center, where representatives from nearly 200countries are meeting to try to reach an accord on climate change.A group of 50 to 100 delegates emerged from the convention center,seeking to meet with the protesters, but they, too, were driven back bythe police.

In another development, the Danish chairwoman of the conference,Connie Hedegaard, said she was stepping down and that the Danish primeminister, Lars Lokke Rasmussen, would take her place as heads of statefrom around the world begin arriving in Copenhagen. Ms. Hedegaard, aconservative, was Denmark???s minister of climate and energy and herplacement as chairwoman of the conference was seen as part of ashifting of global environmental issues from the fringe into thepolitical mainstream.


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