Harold Jarche: The Curmudgeon???s Manifesto (via @jordi_a)

I???ve decided to start the Curmudgeon???s Manifesto, which may serve as a call to arms to start dumping platforms that don???t understand how to play nice on the Internet. It???s our playground, and through our actions we get to set the rules of conduct.

Here???s my start (additions welcome):

  1. I will not use web services that hijack my data or that of my network.
  2. I will share openly on the Web and not constrain those with whom I share.
  3. I will not lead others into the temptation of using web services that do not respect privacy, re-use, open formats or exportable data.


A suggestion from Doug Belshaw:

Change the name of the Curmudgeon???s Manifesto to the Open Educators??? Manifesto (or similar). Back OpenID and OpenSocial. People like to sign up to positive-sounding things that cite big players or existing traction.

D’aqu?? la importancia de poder tenir un domini propi.


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